The Sullen Art Collective has grown from its original establishment in Huntington Beach, CA in 2001 to being one of the worlds most distinguished tattoo clothing brands today. Tattooers from all over the world aspire to become one of the renowned artists in Sullens family known as the “Art Collective.” This group has grown from only a few artists, including Co-founder Ryan Smith, to countless artists around the globe that believe all forms of art should be promoted and celebrated for the world to enjoy.

Guided by many lessons learned early in tattooing, Ryan was able to set the foundation for Sullen by collaborating many progressive fashion trends and the tattoo culture and lifestyle he was so familiar with. It is this foundation and that of the “Art Collective” that Sullen has been able to bring like-minded individuals together and aid in the exposure of creative, talented artists worldwide. We are true supporters of tattoo inspired art and it is our hope that you share the inspiration and creativeness of what we call “True Art”.